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BIO ENERGY SOLUTIONS represents in Italy the Austrian company Thöni Industriebetriebe GmbH ( all activities related to the design and marketing of biogas production plants both of agricultural origin and organic waste (environmental and energy engineering unit). Thöni is one of the primary companies operating in Tyrol, leader in the aluminum processing and automotive sector (refer to the company's website for more information) and is a pioneer in the construction of biogas production plants that are built throughout the world, but which find in Italy one of the markets of choice. In addition to plants for the production of biogas from agricultural matrices (TNV Thöni wet anaerobic digestion), Thöni stands out above all for its dry anaerobic digestion technology of the organic fraction of urban solid waste (TTV Thöni dry anaerobic digestion). The activities that BIO ENERGY SOLUTIONS carries out on behalf of Thöni, in addition to institutional relations and customer management, include the management of tenders and contracts, the coordination of activities on the national territory and the support to individual project managers.

TTV Semy-dry anaerobic digestion

TTV Folder

TNV wet anaerobic digestion

TNV Folder

  • Augsburg Germany
  • AVR Kraftwerk Sinsheim Germany
  • Gävle Sweden
  • Lünen Germany
  • 2021
  • OCV
  • Staßfurt
  • Augsburg Germany
  • Augsburg Germany
  • Köln Germany
  • Tornesch Germany
  • chn

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